International Passport

  • With Liberty International Day Pass, you can use your unlimited or Mobile Share plan while traveling abroad to more than 60 destinations. You get unlimited talk within and between Liberty International Day Pass destinations and back to the U.S., unlimited text, and the high-speed data plan you use at home. Pay a daily fee for each 24-hour period you talk, text, or use data within an included destination. The daily fee applies to each line on your account using International Day Pass.

    • For 1 line, it’s $10 a day.
    • $5 a day for each additional line on the same account, used the same day.
    • Never pay for more than 10 days per bill.
  • International Day Pass is available in more than 60 destinations in Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, Oceanía, Africa, and the Caribbean. For more detail, click here.

  • The first time you use data, send a text or make or accept a phone call, your 24-hour International Day Pass begins, and you will be charged a daily fee. You won’t trigger another daily fee until the next time you use your device in an included country after that 24-hour period ends. The daily fees are calculated and charged to your bill at the end of your billing cycle.

  • No, you don’t need to remove Liberty International Day Pass when you return to the Puerto Rico International Day Pass. It only charges a daily fee when you use your device in an included destination. When you travel abroad in the future, the International Day Pass will already be on your device, so you’re all set for your next international trip.

  • You will only be charged one daily fee per 24-hour period for International Day Pass, even if you travel to multiple included destinations in the same 24-hour period.

  • Si hablas, envías mensajes de texto o usas datos en países no incluidos en Liberty International Passport, se aplican tarifas de pago por uso.

  • Suppose you’re in a Liberty International Day Pass country. In that case, you can call the country you’re in or any other International Day Pass country and return to Puerto Rico for no additional charge. Calls to countries not included in Liberty International Day Pass will be billed at International Long Distance rates. Per-minute pay-per-use rates apply unless an International Long Distance package is added to the device placing the call.

  • If you don’t want to be charged another daily fee, stop using your device before your 24-hour International Day Pass expires. You should turn off Data Roaming in your device Settings to avoid triggering a daily fee for unintentional data usage.

  • No. Your Liberty International Day Pass starts when you use data, send a text, or make or accept a phone call over the cellular network. You won’t be charged again if you stop using your device before your 24-hour session ends. If you continue to use your device, you’ll be charged a daily fee for another 24-hour session.

  • We saw you traveling abroad and using your phone without an international feature, so we added an International Day Pass to your line, so you won’t be charged at pay-per-use rates. You should have received a text message to let you know we were adding it and how to remove the International Day Pass if you weren’t interested. If you choose to remove International Day Pass, you’ll pay international pay-per-use rates.

  • With International Day Pass, you’ll never pay more than 10 days per line per bill. This makes it a better value for customers on short or long trips.

  • La mayoría de los problemas de servicios internacionales se pueden resolver apagando el teléfono durante un minuto y luego volviéndolo a encender. Si tienes problemas para usar los datos, confirma que el roaming de datos esté activado en la configuración de tu equipo.