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Strengthen the cybersecurity of your company or business with our advanced cybersecurity solutions

In the digital world, cybersecurity must be the absolute priority to protect assets and corporate reputation. At Liberty Business, we have tools that protect you against external and internal threats, ensuring the continuity of your operations, optimizing your processes, and nurturing customer trust.
Given the constant evolution of these cyber threats, our solutions are essential for sustainable success in an increasingly competitive market.

Protection Pack


To confidently operate your business in the digital ecosystem, it is essential to acquire cybersecurity tools. This approach will safeguard the utmost security for your business continuity while saving significant amounts on device acquisition and maintenance.


Bitdefender Total Security

Get protection for all major operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS), anti-phishing alerts, threat blocking, and worry-free online payments on up to 5 devices.

Technical Services and Support

You get access to technical support, to help you solve technical problems or issues related to the operating systems, devices, and programs most used in your business operations.


For an additional cost, you can also include:

Bitdefender Total Security

Include up to 10 additional devices in your security bundle.

Bitdefender Security Plus

Add anti-malware and antivirus protection for your desktop devices and a Windows or MacOS service for 10 endpoints.

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