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More than Paid TV... Liberty Ad Solutions is the answer to your business advertising needs.

We place your ad on the best channels and during your audience's favorite programming. We can also provide assistance with the creation and production of your ad.

You will have access to:

Reach your customers!

We offer ad insertions within 48 channels with the most popular programs.

Are you ready to promote your business?

Let more than 700,000 people know about your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • The amount you’d pay to place a single ad with other outlets can cover an ad with us for an entire month! We have a variety of affordable options for you to advertise your business in our publicity network. Call us!
    • We offer production and conceptualization services to create video content to advertise your business. If your message requires more than 30 seconds, we have Channel 85, where we can broadcast infomercials, TV programs, and even include your product as part of our regular programming, among other available resources.
    • Liberty Ad Solutions offers over 45 insertion channels, including important networks like CNN, ESPN, FX, TNT, HGTV, Food Network, and many more! We offer you the most varied programming in Puerto Rico and make sure you reach your target audience.
    • Liberty Ad Solutions offers the services you need to advertise your business, from coordinating the space to place your ad in one of our 45+ leading channels to producing and creating the video content that will capture and reach your audience.
    • At Liberty Ad Solutions, we offer you a full service. Our team of professional experts will guide you through the options and recommend the best alternative for your business to advertise. From the production stage of your video content to coordinating the space to advertise your business.